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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Setting Mikrotik 5GHz


1. click Bridge ples sign klik ok
2. click port ether1 ok
3. click port wlan1 ok

1. click interface
2. click wlan1 enable
3. click wlan1 to appear interface wlan1
4. click wireless
5. click mode brige
6. click band 5ghz-turbo
7. click frequency 5100
8. click SSID : ptp-test
9. click Applay ok

1. click WDS
2. click WDS Mode : dynamic
3. click WDS Default Bridge : bridge1
5. click Applay ok

Ip Addres
1. click Ip
2. click ip address
3. contents
4. click Apply ok

identity Radio
1. click System
2. click identity radio test
3. click name
4. click Apply ok

to view the status of the radio link

signal status
1. telnet to radio
2. [admin@radio test] > interface wireless registration-table print
0 wlan1 000E8E28B94E 00:0E:8E:28:B9:4E yes -58dBm... 48Mbps

link status monitoring
1. telnet to radio
2. [admin@radio test] > interface monitor-traffic ether1
rx-packets-per-second: 12
rx-bits-per-second: 6.5kbps
tx-packets-per-second: 12
tx-bits-per-second: 12.5kbps

ethernet status good
1. telnet ke radio
2. [admin@radio test] > interface ethernet monitor ether1
status: link-ok
auto-negotiation: done
rate: 100Mbps
full-duplex: yes

For the adjustment of the two sides of the same radio mokrotik is no different


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