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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is the purpose of music


Music is sound that is received by the individual and vary based on history, location, culture and tastes of a person.

True definition of music is also diverse:
The sound is considered good by the hearers
Any noise that is produced intentionally by a person or group and served as music.

Music according to Aristotle has the ability to reconcile a troubled heart, have recreational therapy and nurture the soul of patriotism.

- tone

The sound can be divided into a tone that has a certain pitch or tuning by frequency or by the relative distance to a high pitch tone benchmark.

- Rhythm

Rhythm is the arrangement of sound in time. rhythm is a division of the beats in time. The sign indicates the number of beats in a rhythm of rhythms and notes which are calculated and considered as a single tap.

- notation

Musical notation is written depiction of the music. The beam notation, pitch depicted vertically. while time (rhythm) is depicted horizontally. These two elements form the staves, in addition to clues tones, tempo, dynamics, and so on.

- melody

Melody is a series of tones in time. The circuit can be sounded alone, ie without accompaniment.

- Harmony

Harmony in general can be said as the incidence of two or more tones sounded simultaneously with different height.


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