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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Station wds


Radio station wds

click interface
click wlan1 enable

click wlan1

click wireless

mode : station wds
band : 5GHz-turbo
frequency : 5180
ssid : san-wifi
scan list : 4920-6000
hiden ssid : check lis
click apply ok

click nstreme

enable nstreme : check lis
enable pollig : check lis
disable csma : check lis
frame policy : exact size
framer limit : 3500
click apply ok

click advanced

adapter noise immunity : client mode
click apply ok

click wds

wds mode : dynamic
wds default bridge : bridge1
click apply ok

click wireless

click connect list
add ssid : san-wifi
security profile : none
mac address : mac address to the radio in exchange
click apply ok

click bridge

add bridge1 ok
add port ether1 bridge1 ok
add port wlan1 bridge1 ok

click ip

click ip address
address :
interface : ether1
click apply ok

click ip
gateway :
click apply ok


click system
click identity : wifi-san
click apply ok


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